Welcome to the GALLERY. As a professional photographer my work is always produced with a commercial eye for use by publishers and advertisers both here in the UK and abroad.

Although I use professional Nikon equipment for my work, the kit itself is not what makes a great image.
Equipment is not and never will be a substitute for quality of imagery. Composition, Light and Timing will always be at the heart of a good photographic image and no matter how long you spend using the latest computer software to alter images ... a poorly composed and lit image will never give anything other than a mediocre result at best.

The art of photography is about so much more than simply 'taking pictures,' it is about passion, perseverance and the desire to be 'out there' in the landscape no matter what the elements throw at you... oh, and occasionally a small dose of luck thrown in for good measure!

Although primarily designed for commercial clients to obtain an insight into my work for use within their products, the 200 or so images within the gallery sections also offer amateur photographers and those hoping to sell their imagery a little advice and some insight into why some of my images have been photographed in a particular way. I hope this will be beneficial.

So whether you are a picture buyer or simply viewing for pleasure, thank you for visiting the website and please enjoy your viewing experience. Should you wish to licence any of the images you see on this website, please use the CONTACT link above and we will be pleased to assist.

PLEASE NOTE... All images on this site are protected under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, Alan Novelli asserts his right to be identified as the author of his work. Images on this site are not available for free use and/or download under ANY circumstances and violation of copyright will be actively prosecuted in all cases.

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