March 2020 - Creation of new stock imagery

Creative ways to enhance my stock collection during Coronavirus lock down
With the current Coronavirus pandemic crisis forcing us into lock down for several weeks here in the UK, my usual source of imagery has dried up for a while so I have been looking for ways to both illustrate the current crisis and improve my Photoshop skills at the same time by adapting imagery I already have. The image here is a good example. In it, the name of the tube station in London has been removed and replaced with the word CORONAVIRUS in similar text. Next the original posters to the left and right hand side have been removed and replaced with Coronavirus posters which have been altered a little from an electronic signboard captured in Birmingham. Finally the sign board showing the way to London has been heavily altered to simply show the single word 'London.' This image now clearly depicts the Coronavirus outbreak pertaining to London and took around 2 hours to complete.